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          Orders not yet shipped:

          If we have not shipped your order out to you, you do have the option of cancelling your order for a full refund.

          Already Shipped Orders:

          All STS Kits are custom packaged and drop shipped directly from STS to you.  STS Turbo systems are non-refundable unless the package is completely un-opened.  In the case that you must return an STS Turbo System, you may be subject to a 20-25% restocking fee.  There are no exceptions.  Once you purchase an STS turbo system from us, you have 2 days to cancel the order.  Otherwise, you will be responsible for the restocking fee plus any shipping charges involved in sending you the products and any shipping charges required to transport the products back to STS.

          For more information on the STS Refund policy:


          JL Turbo will not be responsible for any use/misuse of STS products.  Installed and used properly, the STS Turbo System is completely safe and is a proven design.  However, as with any modification, problems can happen.  It is your responsibility to either have the system professionally installed or DIY (do it yourself).  In either case, you the buyer are fully responsible for ensuring safe operation of the STS Turbo System and all its components.  JL Turbo will not be responsible for any damage caused by STS products.  Examples include, but are not limited to:  Placing blame for an accident because you had too much power, placing blame for a blown transmission because you had too much power, placing blame for a blown engine because you failed to tune the car, etc.

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