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          JL Turbo - STS Turbo Systems & Performance Tuning!

          Vehicle Computer Tuning Services

          At JL Turbo, we offer the best performance tuning South Florida has to offer. We are proud of our accomplishments and pride ourselves on delivering quality tuning for you. Our tuning services will ensure your vehicle creates the most power while maintaining safe operation and optimal fuel economy.

          Whether you have a mostly stock or fully modified vehicle, we will meet your needs.

          Tuning Capabilities

        • Naturally Aspirated
        • Big cam, small cam
        • Supercharged
        • Turbocharged
        • Blown
        • Nitrous
        • Part Throttle VE Adjustment for optimal Air/Fuel Ratio (Speed Density (No MAF))
        • Speed Density 2 and 3 bar for boosted apps(Requires a new MAP sensor for your vehicle)
        • Transmission
        • Gears
        • Overall System Parameters (such as COT, FANS, Deleting Codes, etc)
        • Quality Tuning Is Guaranteed

          All tunes come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident you will love the tune we deliver, we will give you your money back if you are unhappy with the tune.

          Customer Comments

          2006 427 LS2 Corvette 246/246 Cam: "The car feels phenominal and it is idling great" - Ross at Chorizos Custom Rides in Pompano

          "Jesse tuned my 2000 SS and i gained over 40 hp. Its superchared with a p1sc @ 5psi. He does good work!!"

          "I was with Jesse the other day so he could update my tune (which by the way made a world of difference) Major props to Jesse.........Anyways there was a guy there who has an LS6 intake for sale. I would have bought it if I werent planning to stay with my fairly mild set up. Thanks Jesse, Another tune for the Bluebird well done."

          "I didn't even think my car needed a tune, but after it came off the dyno Jesse told me to take it for a ride on the street. I said naw its fine and he told me to do it anyway. I was so surprised how smooth and more responsive the car felt and i told him now i know why you wanted me to take it for a ride. He smiled lol"

          "Picked up about 13rwhp from adding LG Long Tubes to my Z06. Jesse added another 13 from tuning alone!"

          "I didn't know who to turn to to get my C5 tuned. I have a big camd 408 supercharged. I knew I needed a good speed density tune from what people told me but that it would be hard to find someone to do it right. Jesse took some time street tuning with the wideband and dialed it in just right. Now my air/fuel is spot on"

          Supported Vehicles

          We can tune any GM OBD-II vehicle, and select OBD-I vehicles. OBD-II vehicles are generally 98 to present.

          This includes, but is not limited to:

        • Chevrolet Corvette
        • Chevrolet Camaro/TransAm
        • Chevrolet Silverado
        • Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban
        • Hummer
        • Chevrolet Avalanche
        • Chevrolet SSR
        • Cadillac CTS-V
        • Pontiac GTO
        • Holden Monaro
        • Chevrolet Malibu
        • Buick Regal
        • Buick Lesabre
        • Chevrolet S-10
        • Chevrolet Blazer/Trailblazer/Trailblazer SS
          and much more....

          - The JL Team, serving you since 2003

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